Graystone LA started out around 2002. Creating print advertising, websites and a monthly magazine. From humble beginnings the Company flourished. Experience with larger clients such as PUMA, Kelloggs, BMG, Diesel Jeans to name but a few diversified the scope of work that was undertaken, and the opportunity to produce TV advertising spots further expanded the inhouse capabilities. Capabilities which include TV and radio production, music composition and graphic design. We have made it our Mission to help authors grow.

The power of having a local presence cannot be underestimated. We can help UK authors grow, exploiting our unique position and marketing talents. Brexit will undoubtedly create chances for those Companies who maintain their presence, increasing market share as others will fall by the wayside. To this end, Graystone LA as of January 2018 has expanded its services to include; representation, direct sales.

We believe that you deserve the very best support to grow your business. Whether it be market research, developing a marketing strategy or supply chain management we’ll design and plan our activities to match your budget and consider it a success when we achieve the objectives within the budget. Budgets structure the creative process; after all, a silk tie and a polyester tie both do the same job and we need to know if you want silk or polyester.

Paul Morgan

Company Owner

Born and raised in the UK, Paul started his media career 1994 working as a TV producer in Munich Germany creating and directing advertising spots. He went on to take a position in operations at a successful UK dot-com start-up which was later bought by Home-Serve. He was then headhunted to create the internet strategy for the main supplier to Marks & Spencer and later Merck Pharmaceutical. He has since worked as a consultant for medium size to large Companies in the UK, Germany and Switzerland advising on a variety of projects playing a decisive roll from supply chain processes to every facet of marketing. This has included consultancy for the procurement and supply of military items to Governments. He has been engaged in enough successful start-ups to thoroughly understand the requirements for success and possesses the management skills to make sure everything happens on time and within budget.