Whether you require an Acting Agent, Account Manager or Interim Manager working on your behalf, our experience and local knowledge will ensure smooth and continuous running of your operation. Do you need someone to manage your client base in Germany? We build relationships and promote your business ensuring a positive presence in the market. It could be that you have an upcoming product launch, conference or exhibition where the benefit of having someone with local knowledge and German language skills is important. We have a wealth of experience in sales and marketing in Germany.

We also assist with any requirements of crisis management. In the event of a crisis or a major incident (e.g. product recall), your company’s regular business procedures are most often disrupted, and resources are relocated to manage the crisis. Depending on the extent and nature of the specific situation, we can advise you on the right course of action and assist you on evaluating and in the end learning from it. It is often the case that trouble shooting is easier when you understand the local culture and language as a palette of tools (logistics, PR, Multimedia) may be required to sort out the situation.

Company formation in Germany can be tricky, which is why you should seek help when setting up a “GmbH” (equivalent of a UK limited), or when considering opening a German bank account.

By engaging a mystery shopper you can obtain feedback as to how well your product or services are being presented in Germany. A bad reputation due to a disgruntled franchisee or distributor with today’s social media possibilities can be costly and hard to rectify. If you’re not achieving the sales targets that you think should be achieving, you should find out why. Employing a mystery shopper will answer many questions.

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